What can you get from Johnstone Electrical Services?

A lot of people just think about electricians during times of emergency, a blow out of your mains or a fault on a line to your lights or plug sockets. However, we can help with the not so demanding, yet still important jobs and help you with so much more than just the big, in your face ones.


In fact emergency work is just one small area of expertise from the team at Johnstone Electrical Services. Of course we are on hand to help with any emergency needs you may have around the Preston area, no matter what time of the day, or day of the year. However we also cover the installation of electrical products, home improvement works and non-emergency repairs.


One of the biggest parts of our work is the assistance of home improvements. Often when people want a new look in their home, this can require the removal of walls, a whole new layout to the floors and extensions to the exterior of the property. We can assist with rewiring a house so that the lights are located where you want them, therefore optimising your new layout, and extend the wiring of a property to cover new additions. We can also provide mains electric to new garages, outhouses etc and replace or repair existing wiring in complete renovation projects.


We can also take care of the small jobs that you may have been putting off like the installation of a new electric shower or heating system, or of a new security light outside your property. These small jobs may be small but they are also very important so you can have the home of your dreams.


At Johnstone Electrical Services we also understand that your home is where many of your family memories are made and your prized possessions are located, and that also means you want to protect it at any cost. If you have been thinking about installing a burglar alarm or security system then look no further than us to help with that. We can install a variety of different types of alarm system depending on your needs and can even offer advice on what you will need for your home.


So if you need some electrical work doing in your Penwortham or Leyland based, home contact us for a quote today, you might be surprised just what we can do for you.

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