Zipcar to launch more than 300 electric cars this year

May 31, 2018

The company are committed to getting the Volkswagen e-Golfs on the streets by the end of 2018.   Zipcar are a carsharing company based in London who aim to launch the first 100 e-Golfs in July giving the firm the largest number of publicly available shared electric vehicles in t


Home Extensions on the Rise

April 5, 2018

The BBC has reported that since 2008, the amount people move homes throughout their lives has reduced, possibly due to a rise in housing prices and shortage of homes available on the market.   This does however mean 15% of homeowners are now extending and renovating to make t


Charging your smartphone at work and home

March 1, 2018

The majority of phones sold now are smartphones, they have one drawback over the basic type of mobile phone, the battery life is at best 24 hours and at worst 8 hours or less!   No-one likes to be without their phone so the pressure is on to supply mobile phone charging points i


Kitchen Lighting

October 11, 2017

Better kitchen lighting doesn't have to cost a fortune. These 5 upgrades—track lighting, undercabinet lighting, recessed lighting, dimmers and better bulbs can all do the job at moderate cost. And you don't have to tear up your kitchen to put them in.   The kitchen in the hous


Home Automation. whats it all about?

August 16, 2017

So what is home automation? Simply put, home automation puts you in control of basic home systems and appliances from a single access remote point – like a smartphone app, or at a centralised unit inside your home. Just like some of the futuristic technology seen in television shows, it


Johnstones Electrical Sevices

April 17, 2017

At Johnstones Electrical Services we are passionate about electrical safety and keeping you safe in your homes, place of work or business. We service Preston, Leyland, Penwortham and Fulwood. If you have any electrical concern give Ian at Johnstones Electrical Services a call and I will do


Staying safe at home

January 5, 2017

It’s easy to overlook safety when using electrical appliances at home. With more and more of our everyday devices needing power there are never enough sockets available and most of us have several 4 way adaptors attached to the power supply so that we can plug in our gadgets.  


Christmas Electrical Safety

November 22, 2016

Electrical safety at Christmas After 12 months packed away in the loft, Christmas lights can easily become electrically unsafe. To help prevent the most common electrical problems with Christmas lights, and to enjoy a safe and happy festive season, I recommend the following simple


When to employ a electician

Here are a few scenarios when you should call a competent electrician.     Your lights keeping going out or fuses are being blown regularly. For either of these problems we advise you call us to check your electrics as there could be a dangerous fault in one of your c


Electrical Safety for Landlords

August 10, 2016

Electrical safety is a key responsibility for landlords to keep their tenants safe and avoid fines.Failure to keep equipment such as light switches, microwaves and fuse boxes safe can result in fines, bans and imprisonment. Johnstones Electrical Services work closely with Landords and Hous


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